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Supporting you
to take climate action from 
strategy to impact


We are committed to extending knowledge across the carbon industry, and to foster productive mentorship programs and networks.

We do this by offering knowledge growth and thought leadership delivered by independent industry leaders.

The beta online extension program is rolling out in July 2024.

Committed to seeing others grow in the carbon industry to be leaders in their own right. 

Professional development

Extension and training opportunities

Supporting others to grow and thrive in the carbon industry:

  • Online professional development and structured training - at your own pace

  • One on one mentoring opportunities

  • Webinars

  • In person workshops.


Actively engaging in professional development can:

  • Benefit your own service provision and practice

  • Support others through their domain expertise and traditional roles

  • Support organisations interacting with the carbon and climate industry.

You, your people and communities become their own independent thought leaders, with capacity and capability to apply learned knowledge, supported by industry networks. 

Organisations and businesses have a tremendous opportunity to grow their knowledge across emerging climate industries.

Translating knowledge and experience to applied best practice requires deep industry insights - this is what we share with others.


We have fostered the growth of many across the industry, and most importantly we understand that as thought leaders - we learn perennially in a fast evolving landscape.  We have been lucky enough to impart knowledge and experience:

  • Mentoring and training of staff of a large agritech company from the ground up to the CEO, enabling this business to participate and scale in the Australian carbon industry

  • Trained agronomists on how to compose and template compliant Land Management Strategies that succeed at project registration

  • Constructing training for soil sampling technicians undertaking audit-ready sampling to ACCU Scheme soil carbon methods

  • Managing competency based assessment of sampling technicians undertaking sampling that is compliant with ACCU Scheme soil carbon methods

  • Developing data collection systems that are complimentary to industry learning and user experience, resulting in trainees going on to develop their own data capture systems

  • Participation as a subject matter expert to construct the NSW TAFE sector carbon farming courses for agriculture.

Actively supporting the integrity and boundaries of the Australian and global schemes through knowledge transfer and leadership.  We assess and align your needs with those of the industry; this creates enduring best practice applied on the ground - and leaders that are capable of informing future change.

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