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Understanding your soil carbon farming project - simple guide launched

The Clean Energy Regulator has this last week launched the new soil carbon simple guide and it is great to see the Bootstrap Environmental Services soil sampling rig in the document after having sampled many carbon farming projects around south-eastern Australia.

We would really like to hear your feedback about the guide (especially if you are a farmer), get in touch with Bootstrap Environmental Services and leave word using the contact form.

The guide is the first of a series of new products designed to provide landholders with a user guide to running a soil carbon project. The new simple guide aims to provide landholders with a step-by-step guide on how to register, run and report on a soil carbon project.

The soil carbon user guide is the first of many simple guides to come. The Clean Energy Regulator will be rolling out more of these over the coming months to help people run an emissions reduction project and reduce their carbon footprint.

The Climate Solutions Fund builds on the Emissions Reduction Fund and offers landholders, communities and businesses the opportunity to run new projects that reduce or remove greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere.

By running a project, you can earn Australian carbon credit units (carbon credits) and sell them to the Australian Government, or to companies and other private buyers. Each carbon credit represents one tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions stored or avoided.

Source and media release: Clean Energy Regulator

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