Soil Health Workshop at Dromana Climate Smart Farm

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Simple, accurate, fast, low-tech soil health assessments and monitoring tools

The dirt

A group of farmers and land managers on the Mornington Peninsula got their hands dirty with me at a soil health monitoring and assessment workshop at the Dromana Climate Smart Farm. We had a great turn out that bodes really well for soil health, in fact the group said "the biggest one we've had yet"! It wasn't for bystanders though, participants got to be soil scientists for the morning taking turns doing the assessments. I'll talk about what we did but first a little about the world leading Project on the farm...

The Dromana Climate Smart Farm

The Dromana Climate Smart Farm combines clean energy production, regenerative agriculture, farm diversification, micro-enterprises, educational sharing as well as creating high positive social impact. The Farm is designed around a 4.85MW solar farm, the soil health renovation project, carbon drawdown, productive plantings, pollinator friendly habitats, live streaming educational data and Indigenous promotion. Nothing beats hearing about the project from Volt Farmer's Stephen Todd and the group were very engaged by the talk Stephen gave about the Project. Talk to Stephen about sourcing discounted clean energy from a Volt Farmer project so you can provide direct support for Australian farmers via their ‘Turning Electricity into Healthy Soil" Program.

Soil health assessments

When we assess and monitor soil, we do so with the soil characteristics as a central launching point. We are thinking about soil from an ecological, functional and systems perspective, using science as a language to convey changes over time.

To this end, the group dug into a number of visual soil health assessments using a systems thinking and process approach. Synthesizing a number of recognised soil assessment tools, the group got their hands dirty doing the monitoring and learning from others in the group.

Without measurement there’s no management

If you can’t see it… you can’t measure it