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Public consultation of the proposed soil carbon method under ERF

Today marks the release of the draft 2021 Soil Carbon method for public consultation.

After participating in the industry co-design process and assisting in the development of the proposed 2021 soil carbon method, it is now time for you to have your say.

I encourage you to review the proposed soil carbon method, method supplement and simple method guide, and upload a submission to the consultation hub before the deadline of Monday 27 September 2021 (11:59pm AEST). Please note that public consultation should consider the overarching legislation supporting the methodology and such carbon programs and input will be most useful and conducive if these considerations are made.

The consultation document links

The supplement to the soil carbon method details requirements for:

  • project mapping

  • developing sampling designs

  • sampling

  • sample preparation and analysis (including requirements for the use of spectroscopy)

  • emission factors

  • additional reporting requirements.

The draft soil carbon simple method guide contains information on the operation of the proposed soil carbon method. These documents are also available on the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources’ consultation hub.

If you require sampling services on a soil carbon project, please get in touch.

From the Clean Energy Regulator

"A soil carbon project eligible to use this method will store additional carbon in agricultural soils by undertaking eligible management activities. These include improving fertiliser application, re-establishing pasture or modifying grazing practices.
The new soil carbon method:
  • builds on the Carbon Credits (Carbon Farming Initiative—Measurement of Soil Carbon Sequestration in Agricultural Systems) Methodology Determination 2018

  • supports greater uptake of soil carbon by reducing the costs of measurement through the use of models

  • increases flexibility for participants

  • introduces improvements to address issues with the 2018 method including problems with how that method calculates abatement.

The Australian Government’s first Low Emissions Technology Statement also identified reducing the cost of soil carbon measurement as a priority for accelerating low emissions technology.
Why your views matter...
The Emissions Reduction Assurance Committee is seeking feedback on a proposed new methodology determination under the Emissions Reduction Fund:
Carbon Credits (Carbon Farming Initiative—Estimation of Soil Organic Carbon Sequestration using Measurement and Models) Methodology Determination 2021.
The proposed method will enable projects that increase soil carbon levels in agricultural land to generate Australian Carbon Credit Units. Projects under existing soil carbon methods will be able to transfer to the new method.
The Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction is required to consider a range of factors when deciding whether to make a new method. This includes whether an activity under a method could have any adverse social, environmental, or economic impacts. As such, feedback may cover adverse impacts that are likely to arise from carrying out a soil carbon project under the proposed new method.
The Clean Energy Regulator is also seeking feedback on amendments to the Carbon Credits (Carbon Farming Initiative) Rule 2015 to support the method. The proposed amendments to the Rule are detailed in the draft simple method guide."
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