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Industry consultation now open on sampling guidance for measurement-based soil carbon methods

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Periodically, the government opens up consultation to industry on sampling guidance for measurement-based soil carbon methods.

Many of you know that Bootstrap Environmental Services have been sampling for soil carbon and various ERF projects around south-east Australia since the inception of the program and the roll out of the CFI legislation. We always participate in public and industry consultation and advocate for farmers at every opportunity as an independent provider of soil sampling and consultation services. Today, we can convey opportunity for industry to provide feedback which we will participate in.

The Clean Energy Regulator and the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources is seeking views on proposed changes to sampling requirements for the following Emissions Reduction Fund methods and their subsidiary documents: the archived Carbon Credits (Carbon Farming Initiative – Sequestering Carbon in Soils in Grazing Systems) Methodology Determination 2014, and the currently used Carbon Credits (Carbon Farming Initiative — Measurement of Soil Carbon Sequestration in Agricultural Systems) Methodology Determination 2018.

This is an excellent opportunity to contribute to carbon farming on behalf of industry and the land sector.

The Clean Energy Regulator and the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources are seeking feedback on whether:

  • the new requirements in the subsidiary documents are an effective and cost-efficient means of having the allocation, location, extraction and processing of the soil samples undertaken without bias,

  • participants have alternative assurance approaches they would like to put forward for publication in,

  • the Clean Energy Regulator’s guidance the Clean Energy Regulator’s guidance suitably explains the application of requirements to soil carbon projects, and

  • implementing the new guidance and reflected changes to subsidiary materials by May 2020 would pose issues for participants.

Note: Transitional arrangements would apply when proponents have already started a sampling round.

Bootstrap Environmental Services will be making a submission before the closing date in 2 weeks, Friday 27 March 2020 and will keep you posted on developments.

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