Carbon Farming Industry Keyword Domains Now Available

Partners Kiss The Ground have passed on that they have a number of industry keyword domains with focus on carbon farming, soil carbon, carbon trading and carbon credits available. 

A pretty good opportunity to grab these domains for those working in and around carbon farming. Increasingly, we cannot rely on our business name domains alone to convey what we do in an increasingly competitive online environment.

A full list is below, including


Identity - Transparency - Presence - Trust - Community - Reputation - Purpose

Being the owner of an effective industry keyword - carbon farming - domain can propel your industry presence, your purpose, reputation, online identity, getting found and noticed on the internet.

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Owning keyword domain names has many benefits. You don't have to use the domain directly, you can point it back to your existing website (or have your website pointed to your new domain (or domains!) with equal benefit.  You can always start from scratch and have a new website created to go with your domain.

The first benefit of keyword domain names is building recognition about what it is you do.

Results have show clients associate industry keyword domains with market leadership.

For example, if a consumer is looking for ‘carbon farming’ and the website shows up on Google, they assume they are the market leader for that service. It shows instant credibility.

A second benefit of keyword domain names is increasing your click through rates. Users are more likely to click on your website if they see the keyword domain in the URL when compared to other domains that show up in search results.  ​Even if you are paying for Google Adwords, statistics show more people will click on your website if they see a keyword domain in the URL, like

​Thirdly, these domains are yours to build on, shape and create, they convey so well what industry you are in.

A fourth benefit of keyword domain names is it increases your organic search traffic. One of the many aspects in the algorithms of a main search engine like Google is the domain name itself, there are other aspects that contribute to rankings but a keyword domain will get you noticed - and it is memorable

Many businesses make the big mistake early on of buying ONLY their business name as their domain name. For example, a service firm will only buy their domain name, this is especially true of small businesses. First of all, they SHOULD own the domain name that matches their business name. The problem is many businesses stop there. If someone knows about their business name they will type that particular name in Google, but what about all the potential customers who don’t know about their business? They will never find them! You need additional domains to cover all the bases.

Even if your business name is Global Carbon, users are likely to type in "" if they are after carbon farming services in Australia.  We all do it! 


So, how do we answer that question? Let’s put it this way… how much is a lead in your business worth? Let’s say you are a service provider. One new client or project might bring you $6,000. They may become a repeat client. They may refer your carbon farming services to other people. That one lead could be worth many additional clients. So would you pay $2,000 or more to own the premium domain that brought that pre-qualified, targeted customer to your company? We all know the answer to that.