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code of conduct

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Our Member Code of Conduct is simple:

This Code sets forth the principles and practices of professional conduct to be observed by members.

Network Professionals have an obligation to their profession to uphold the high ideals and level of personal knowledge evidenced by the membership held.


Professionals should also encourage the dissemination of knowledge pertaining to the network.


Network Professionals have an obligation to serve the interests of their clients loyally, diligently and honestly.


Network Professionals shall not engage in conduct that discredits the reputation or integrity of the network's profession


The essential elements relating to professional practice are:


• A high standard of skill and knowledge

• A confidential relationship with people served

• The observance of an ethical code

• Public confidence in and reliance upon the codes,

principles, and practices.

Principles and Practices

To sustain and advance the integrity, honour, and prestige of the profession, I shall:

Remain current about professional developments in

my field; contribute to the interchange of technical/professional information; and participate in educational activities, as a learner and, when feasible, a teacher.

Recognise and commit to the confidential relationships that exist between professionals and their employers and/or clients; protect from disclosure to third parties any

information acquired during the practice of one's profession, unless granted permission from proprietors of that information.

Comply with laws, by-laws, and regulations governing the profession and the industry.

Provide accurate information to consumers, clients,and employers about the profession and services offered.

Promote appropriate standards of professional behavior.

Respect intellectual property rights, including copyrights, patents and trademarks.

Refrain from wittingly claiming competence I do not

demonstrably possess; professionals

shall not take unfair advantage of the lack of know

ledge or inexperience of others.

Not deliberately destroy or diminish the value or effectiveness of the network through acts of commission or omission.

Mutual Respect
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